Do you ever just want to feel great when you wake up, no questions asked, a feeling if being attached to nothing, yet connected to everything?


No side effects of stimulants or alcohol, just fully embodied, feeling fantastic, confident and engaged with each moment. This is the mood of CREATION, the new vibrational remedy which embodies the all victorious confidence of knowing that problems and difficulties can slide off you as you embody a deeper presence with life and become less reactive, therefore more creative and open yourself up to effortless manifestation.

It allows you to feel safer in your body, supports your nervous system to relax and recalibrate, allowing you to be more fully engaged with each moment, creating a safer container for your creativity and true nature to express itself. It supports retraining the nervous system and the neural pathways to happiness and joy.


The ingredients in this vibrational essence, like our other remedies, are one of a kind. Adam, has taken the best of some of the other remedies and infused it into Creation:


  • Royal jelly:  Made from sustainably harvested royal jelly cells from the French alps to give us the regal feeling of embodiment and facilitate transformation from a worker into a monarch. The pollen from a thousand South African wildflowers, the raw potential for new life springing out to greet the world and bring new flowers into form.
  • Pine pollen: A potent natural stimulant from the pollen of the pine trees giving us the strength to grow powerfully and stand strong in the world.
  • The light of Jupiter: Captured from the rays of Jupiter itself to engender the feeling of expansion openness and engagement.
  • Wild harvested Reishi mushroom: Helps to balance the forces in the formula to ensure that when we are too high we come down and when we are too low we get lifted up.   
  • Protea Nectar: Collected fresh and made into an essence on the spot to give us its living essence and a  sense of the sweetness, purity and playfulness of life in every moment.  
  • Orchid: The flower essence made up to give us the feeling of being held completely in an embrace while still having the ability to move out into the world without threat as our field is expanded.
  • The Dhanvantari Mantra: The captured mantra in distilled water of the Hindu God of Medicine reputedly he who gave us the Ayurvedic teachings on Medicine.  Dhanvantari is the personal expression in us that made the nectar of immortality for the gods.  The chanting of this mantra or the consuming of the chanted mantra in water is said to cause all diseases to subside and to completely remove fear.   


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