The making of this remedy

This remedy was made on 21 st December 2020, during the Winter Solstice, and the Great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction that occurred on the same day. The Winter Solstice is the day when the Sun moves into Capricorn, and is the day in the year when we have the least number of daylight hours on the Earth. It is the shortest day, as it is the day in the year when the Earth is the furthest away from the Sun, and represents the end of darkness and a moving towards light.

The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction is a special alignment of these two planets coming together (conjoining), which they do every 20 years. When they do so, they look like a single shining star in the sky from our vantage point.


The Golden Spiral Remedy

Key Themes
Alignment & Flow
Peace, Stillness, Calm, Acceptance & Trust
Strength & Resilience
Freedom from Limitations & Constraints
DNA repair
Energy giving


Mental & Emotional Symptoms 

Alignment & Flow One of the greatest aspects of this remedy is that it is a remedy that brings alignment in all it’s forms; at a cellular level including in the DNA, structurally within the body including with the skeletal system, emotionally and with our thinking so that we can align ourselves with decisions and actions that connect us with our purpose. The Golden Spiral is the expression of alignment, flow, growth, and expansion. The remedy spirals through us, finding the ways in which our natural state of flow, growth and expansion are blocked, stuck or stagnant, and clears these, so that the spiral can be in alignment again; so that we can flow. So this remedy finishes off past unfinished healing processes. This remedy clears old shadows, heals old traumas, pain and hurts that still haven’t yet been healed, even where a person has done a lot of work on the issue or the pain. This remedy moves emotions outwards in a spiral. It seems to go “back” in time to seek what needs to be healed before moving “forward” to clear the way ahead. As one prover said “I found myself revisiting the past, needing to go back to the past to where I chose a path that wasn’t up to my potential – I was taken back to that choice. It’s like I was going back to remember who I was in order to be able to move forward”.


As well as reconnecting us with past situations, the Golden Spiral can take us back to past relationships that we have lost touch with that are meaningful at a deeper soul level, even if in a dream state, bringing healing to these. 


The Golden Spiral brings us back into integrity in all ways; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually; it helps to close the gap.
Where there is a misalignment physically, particularly with the spine, it might not necessarily align the posture, but it will align the connections through the spine. Interestingly, when we look at the skeletal system, with the skull at the top branching down into ever smaller bones down our
body, it could be said to be like a giant tuning fork. It’s crystalline nature means that it is a great conductor of energy, and it is said by some ancient wisdoms to be a giant tuning fork for the energy of the Universe.
If this is the case, a misalignment in our spine or skeletal system can make it difficult to receive a healthy and uninterrupted flow of energy through it, and it is this that the Golden Spiral remedy helps to resolve. The alignment that the Golden Spiral brings can be about who we are. This remedy invites us to be completely aligned with our authentic selves. Like Thuja, this remedy is revealing, but also the Golden Spiral spirals out the energy of what has been revealed in order to enable the individual to move forward.



Vibrational Golden Spiral, Rose water. 

20ml bottles. 



Please take daily, or when you feel intuitively guided. 7 drops to be taken under the tongue. Keep out of direct sunlight. 


NONE of the remidies are alcohol based. 

Golden Spiral