Immortal Eyes regenerates the cells of the eyes and returns them to a younger version of themselves so that we may have more youthful vision. It has been seen to improve both long and short distance vision when used over time as well as positively benefitting various eye conditions. Documented reports of participants taking Immortal Eyes found they had no more need for their reading glasses.  

Whatever eye condition one has, stronger and healthier regenerated cells in the eye will improve vision. Immortal Eyes has been used positively for dry eyes, sun damaged eyes, floaters and of course to help improve general vision.  

Results may vary as there are various causes and genetic factors involved in poor vision and eye complaints but the strengthening of the eye will generally account for better vision.


Immortal Eyes is designed to be taken at night, one drop per eye so the eye has time to regenerate while we sleep.



Distilled water, vibrational essence of the immortal jellyfish.

10ml bottle. 


One bottle should last approximately 3 months with nightly application. It is designed to be taken ongoing but improvements are normally noticed within a few days. Most people taking Immortal Eyes also take Immortality the remedy internally daily too as this supports not only the whole body to regenerate but also the eyes. Adding Immortal Eyes directly into the eyes has a faster more direct and radical regeneration effect, especially when used with Immortality internally too. 

Immortal Eyes

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