Immortality Garuda is the third in the Immortality series, following on from Immortality and Immortality Vajra. Immortality Garuda introduces a new frequency of Immortality to ensure the body does not get acclimatized to the frequencies in either Immortality or Immortality Vajra. It has five levels of amplification. That means 5X the original frequency of the Immortal Jellyfish. It also has the addition of the Golden Spiral and the Garuda Mantra.



Immortality Garuda is a bit like calling in the air force to get the job done as it is quite stimulating and very upbeat. One feels like wanting to get airborne and get everything done after taking it. Those consuming Immortality Garuda reported a sense of increased confidence and proactive creativity, easily plowing through the day’s tasks.

The Garuda Mantra is the mantra for rising above worldly circumstances and then looking down on things with perspective. It is also the mantra used to discipline the more aberrant and bothersome aspects of reality.

The addition of the Golden Spiral into Immortality Garuda means we are automatically brought back into balance as we return to an earlier version of ourselves. This is of course very useful as a lot of the ageing and disease process is about being out of alignment with ourselves.


Immortality Garuda is very powerful as it digs deeply into the core of our wounding to bring it to the surface so it may disappear forever. For a calmer ride we can alternate the Immortality Garuda with the Immortality Vajra taking the one, on one day and the other on the next. Or we can use it every second day and take the Golden Spiral on the other day to make the journey back to the self, more serene and expansive.

Compared to Immortality Vajra, Immortality Garuda has five levels of Immortality so it is working on deeper levels of the ageing process. The inclusion of the Golden Spiral makes it a lot more energized and upbeat, which makes it fun to play with.


Immortality Garuda motivates the body and its energy field to regenerate and renew states of dis-ease that are directly causing an acceleration of aging. It imprints the cells with a new message of healing, rather than decay; while working with the mind to transmute emotional and behavioral patterns that bring harm to the body.




  • 5 levels of Turritopsis Dohrnii
  • Golden Spiral
  • Garuda Mantra
  • Rose Water 


20ml bottle. Store in a cool dark place. Do not expose to direct sunlight. 7 drops to be taken under the tongue, daily. Or whenever intuitvely guided . 

Immortality Garuda